My first date since my divorce. Help! Guys and girls

I am 25 .I'm going on my first date since my divorce, its with a guy I know very well.. He is incredible! We have that high school crush thing going on but so much more deeper! we are going to get pizza and play mini golf.. Questions: what should I wear?... (he has a FF so I gotta wear something flattering of my feet!but not obvious!) I wanna go for comfort but sexy/cute... Him and I are both laid back band t shirt and jeans kinda people. , but I definitely want the wow! Reaction. Anything would help. Lol


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  • Wear something impressive and make-up and all. Regardless, be comfortable and have a great time!


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  • thats what you get for marrying so young.u fuking people never learn.

    • Ok not that this has anything to do with my question but we were forced to marry by his father. He let us move in with him from across the country and he decided to tell us if we didn't get married that he would kick us out and we had nowhere to go because we just moved and didn't have jobs yet and didn't have anyone else to turn to.

    • we were forced to marry by his father.

      Am I meant to feel sorry for you? well let me tell you something hunny.

      My name is Stone cold steve austin. I am the world wrestling federation champion and I can't be stopped . You remember that.

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