Am I sending out the wrong signals or am I just old fashioned?

I have been single for a while and have recently decided to get back out there and date.

However it seems the rules have changed the past three years?

I had two men interested in me (not at the same time, one a few months after the other). We would Facebook message and go for coffees and text all the time. But they would both always suggest I come to their house to snuggle and have sex. I would say that I do not get physical outside of a relationship and assured me they werent going to go spread my business around town. I am confused as my friends have said this is what they find too. Do men not want a relationship anymore? I am not clingy and don't act weird on dates. lol, just chat and talk about work and fam and hobbies, etc. Why the pressure on sex? And why did they both get very angry with me after I told them where I was coming from?

I made sure not to act sexual. I am a bit of a geek so am sure my flirting was rather awkward and very basic (laughing at jokes, expressing the fun I had over coffee, and maybe an arm touch here or there).



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  • Believe it or not, I have the same problem at my age, and I'm seventeen. Now I, myself, do not usually like relationships and commitment, but guys are only okay with that if there's casual sex involved as well as a casual relationship.

    They're just not thinking with their heads and you just have to wait to meet someone who understands. It's a lot about sex these days than anything else. You just have to meet a guy with the same idea as you, I would guess.

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