Should I pretend to be happy to my boyfriend, fake it till I make it?

I've read questions from guys on here saying they think they should leave their girlfriend because she is so depressed and complains all the time..

I have anxiety and depression and a few other health problems,it becomes a bit overwhelming for me to the point I tend to complain..Sometimes I don't realize I'm doing it and I don't know how to change..My boyfriend knows I have these health problems but after reading questions on here,about guys who want to leave their girlfriends because their girlfriend is depressed and complains,it made me worry my boyfriend will end up wanting to leave me too.I've been doing it really tough lately and have been feeling really down and so I've been a bit moody,my boyfriend knows how I really feel but,when I'm around him,what should I fake how I'm feeling and pretend I'm happy?Or just not show how I'm feeling?

I understand how hard it would be for the guy,but what happened to sticking together through thick and thin?I would never leave my guy if he had problems,if he had depression,Id do what I can to help him and suggest things and if he complained a lot,I'd say something to him so he is aware...

But now I'm wondering what if he does want to leave?I feel like I should just fake it til I make it and try not complain and try not talk about my problems and try to pretend I'm happy?I am getting professional help but sometimes it gets tough..i really don't want to end up losing my boyfriend :(,he says he isn't going anywhere but I still worry..I am trying to change but it's hard,what should I do?


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  • Don't be paranoid. Be assured that your boyfriend won't leave you when he saud he won't because you might end up pushing him away. Don't fake it and if yiu really are in a relationhip why won't you let your boyfriend help you? Talk to him and tell him your true feelings. Hiding your feeling won't do you any good. It will just worsen things and continue on your professional help. Don't give up :)

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