Can you feel chemistry with someone if the first few dates are a little uncomfortable?

Lets be honest. For 99% of people the first couple dates are a little uncomfortable and sometimes awkward.

It doesn't mean your not being confident, just that you're both holding back your personality at least a little and constantly thinking about what the other person is thinking.

That being said, girls when you feel "chemistry" with a guy, can it be during the first couple dates, even if you can tell he is a little uncomfortable? Or does the chemistry begin to form after you get to know each other better?

title got messed up somehow... "How can you feel chemistry with someone if the first few dates are a little uncomfortable?"


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  • YESS! for sure. It doesn't matter even if it's the first time you meet and speak to each other. If yo have chemistry with someone, you have it. Not having it, is getting annoyed with the person. W/ the way they talk, with their opinion not being able to accept it. I went on two dates with a guy and I just got the feeling that'd we'd be going further. Always follow your own instinct...don't ask anyone for advice w/o getting advice from yourself first!


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  • If I like a guy and he seems to mirror my behavior then for me that is a good sign and a base for chemistry, it would either develop/decline by spending more time together.

  • It goes both ways. You can feel chemistry with someone from the moment you first meet. Or, it can develop as you get to know him. Usually though, if a girl has agreed to go on a date with you, then she feels at least a little chemistry with you. That chemistry should grow or decline the more she gets to know you.

  • On how well the conversation flows..

  • Even If its uncomfortable you can Tell, I mean when the chemistry is there you get more comfortable like you feel that you know this person for So long...


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