Is it a good sign when a girl begins sharing deeper parts of her life with you?

Went on a second date with this girl and On our way home we had this deep discussion about a big issue in her life from a couple years before. Something she had never told me before. A part of her life I never knew.

Anyway, I was surprised she told me because she went into a lot of detail and the conversation lasted a significantly long time.

Girls, is this something you do only when you become interested in a guy and trust him? Is it a good sign that she may have feelings for me when her conversations begin getting a little deeper?

for whoever's having a heyday with the thumbs down button... care to share your opinion?


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  • Yes it sounds like she is. She obviously sees a guy that she can trust and confide in -that's if she's not a overly open and chatty person - and does, I would say that this is a positive that she may want to get closer.


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  • Well seeing as you two are on a second date and she's saying these things to you, then yeah she's starting to trust you a lot and that could very well mean she's into you. Definitely a good sign.

  • Yes. It means I'm comfortable around him enough to share something I wouldn't share with anyone. Besides, you two are on a date. I doubt she's friendzoning you.


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  • To me, it's not. In my experience, girls don't volunteer anything embarrassing with a guy they are trying to attract.

    • yeah I'd agree. But when I say "issues" I don't mean embarrassing stories. I don't consider hard moments in life anything to be embarrassed about.

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    • That's not really true. I sometimes say stuff that's a little "embarrassing" to guys I like because I'm human and I'm not going to put up a show just to impress the guy I'm with. Not all girls are superficial and are going to bend over backwards to do everything perfectly just because she doesn't want to make herself look less appealing to the guy. Just saying :)

    • But most wouldn't do it towards a guy they consider a remarkable choice and not just some random shmoe among many.