I'm doing a lot of firsts tomorrow, and I have NO clue what to expect.

I've been talking to this guy at school for a little while, and we're both attracted to each other, and we're meeting up after school tomorrow. Nothing sentimental, just for fun. Don't preach about that to me though. Lol. We'll definitely be making out, and I've never done that before, so I just wanna know, does it honestly come naturally? Everyone says it does, but I'm afraid that with my luck, it'll be something that won't come naturally to me! I don't know where it will lead, but I really wanna know some things to expect! I'm okay with it going slightly far, but not all the way, so if I go far, what do I do? Please help! I'm scared out of my mind! I really want to let loose and just enjoy my last year of HS, but I am so nervous!


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  • Some what's first for you? Making out, or making out for non-sentimental reasons?

    What's "far" to you?

    • making out! And far is doing as close as it gets to the real thing

    • Ok, you clearly know exactly what "the real thing" is. But it varies for people.

      General advice though: wear a condom. You can get std's through oral if he has any (believe me on this one, I've seen enough pictures of virally infected tonsils, it's nasty.)

      As for making out... just go with it.

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  • Just go with it and if he makes you uncomfortable stop, don't let him force you into anything

    • What this mysterious anonymous user with the pink bedroom said is probably your best advice.

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