Did I get blown off, or not?

So, I went on a date today.

He was a nice guy. We ended up talking for two and a half hours over lunch. He seemed interested in what I was saying, we laughed a lot, there weren't any awkward silences, etc. At the end of the date, he looked at his watch and said he needed to go to work. He walked me back to my dorm, and said:

"It was nice getting to know you! Keep in touch. See you soon!"

That's it. No kiss, no hug, no handshake. In fact, he kept his hands in his jacket pockets while walking back.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume he wasn't interested? I can't tell if I was blown off or not.


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  • He maybe interested. Just be patient and see how the next few weeks go.

    • The thing that concerns me is that he didn't tell me that he'd call me, or talk about a future date. He just told me to keep in touch and that he'll see me soon. I can't tell if he actually wants me to contact him, or if he was politely blowing me off.

    • Some guys are slow or dumb. I can say this because I'm one of those guys. He may not have meant to blow you off. Go another date with him. If he doesn't contact you, try contacting him. If he makes up excuses without coming up with a plan, move on.

What Girls Said 1

  • well he could just not be super outgoing with that kind of stuff.. give him another shot and if HE doesn't go in for at least a hug.. you go for it and see how it feels between you two.. some guys just need an extra push at first.. break the ice..

    • Yeah, he was a quiet guy, and sort of shy. I think I'm going to wait for him to contact me though. If he likes me, he'll find a way to go out with me again.

    • right, exactly.. even if he doesn't have your digits, he knows where you live and your friends (i'm assuming).. so there are always ways for him to contact you :)

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