Just went on a double date..help!

It was really awkward. Basically it was me and this guy (whom I've been texting and talking on the phone with before) and my friend and her boyfriend. At first, it was really really awkward. He was incredibly nervous and I was as well. To make matters worse, my friend and her boyfriend were practically on top of each other.

I'm not sure if I like this guy. He's really kinda...immature and loud. But he was very sweet and nice to me. He also seems like a really smart guy. It was just that I kept comparing his personality with my friend's boyfriend's personality and kept seeing negatives (ex: other guy is soft-spoken, more mature, etc)

When we both were alone though, I enjoyed it. We could talk more openly and I ended up giving him a hug by the end of the date.

Should I give this guy a chance ? Or keep seeking someone that I instantly desire/want?


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  • well. that all depends on you. if you don't like him, and couldn't see yourself spending time with him and getting to know him, then forget it. its as simple as that.


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  • immature and loud seem like pretty negative traits... is he at least funny? I know I guy like that, I call him the radio talker, but at least he comes up with some seriously hillarious stuff.

    • He is pretty funny. When I say loud, like he speaks loudly when excited. Immature as in teasing my friend and her boyfriend about being really cute together.

    • Then the date doesn't seem all that bad. Just a little awkward for a bit. But that is quite normal, see how it goes.

  • Had you ever met him before the date? Or just talked to on the phone?

    If you've never met the guy before and the guy doesn't know any of the others then a double date wasn't the best idea. Judge him on when your both alone then you'll understand him better, might as well give one more date with just you two a chance. What harm can it do?

    • I had only talked to him on the phone. And he knew the other guy (they're best friends). It was nice talking to him without them. But really awkward watching them make-out and cuddle.

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