Will he call me/text me again?

Hey guys,

This guy texted me to ask me out on a second date. I texted him back saying that I'd love to hang out, and then called him later to try to figure out the time and location. When we talked on the phone he said that he kind of wanted to hang out in my area of the city since we hung out in his the last time. I told him that I'd rather not because I am always around here with my friends. I told him to let me know when and what time as soon as possible so I could plan. A few min after we hung up I texted him and apologized for being so specific as to where I wanted to go, and told him we could meet wherever he wanted. he didn't respond until the next day. He said he had to cancel because he had a lot of school work (we are both grad students). I told him I had been really looking forward to the date, but understood :(. He made a few jokes to make me feel better and said that next week was looking better. I haven't heard from him in a week! I know that this weekend is super bowl weekend, so maybe he didn't want to make plans for a huge sports weekend? Did I scare him away? Was he just being polite when he was joking to make me feel better after canceling? Was he trying to let me down easy when he said that this weekend 'looked better?' Will I hear from him again?


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  • What's so wrong with being in the same part of the city with your friends?

    He might have taken that as an insult. Or thought you were making it more complicated than it really is.

    Just give him space.

    from you texting him right after talking to him on the phone, and being the first to initiate the phone call screams start of clinger.

    Be patient. Wait for him to contact you.

    And if he doesn't, he's a jerk. And move on.

    • Secretly I never like dating really close to my school because I don't like bumping into school people when I'm out with a guy...especially if the date is going badly. I bet this is pretty irrational haha.

      You are right...i'm going to give him a ton of space and hope that he forgets that I was being so anal :)

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