Would you give your all to get your point across to someone you love?

if someone didn't look at you as the same person anymore would you call them and set up a place to talk face to face? some girls prove their love to someone with their all because they both have known each other for years and it was worth it. would you not believe in the game the girls/boys make up such as don't call him/her...wait for them to call you first? sometimes you wait for the wrong thing. would you call it clingy or just not giving up because you wrather be wrong with him/her than right with someone else


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  • This waiting around for someone else to call you is stupid. If you want to try to make things work then you have to put in the effort and make contact. If they show no interest in getting back together and making it work then that is the time to not call, because then its time to move on.

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