Why did he say this to me?

A guy texted me, tell me what you get from the conversation...

Him: Don't come on Tuesday. Just flake...

Me: Uhhh whoz dis?

Him: you know who it is... Look, I'm being nice... Don't show up.

Me: No rll sht whoz dis -.-

Me: Show up where on Tuesday? ...

Him: you don't have to tell (his friend), just say you'll go and make an excuse...

Him: I'll help you out since you won't enjoy my company...

Me: Oh is it (his name)? And bro, relax yur self. I'm not thrilled to show up anyway. -.-

Me: No thanks. Pce

Him: Cool. Also don't call me bro.

Me: I wouldn't even consider that... bro.

Him: you think your funny...

Me: Lol why you still talking to me bro

Him: f*** off

Me: Yuh see . If you had something better to do, yu'd move on. Lol bye sir

Why is he acting like this?


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  • He was warning you about something.

    Maybe somebody was planning on jumping you or something. His friend probably asked him to help, which is why he said you won't enjoy his company, but he doesn't want to do it. So instead of backing out and looking like a B word, he's telling you not to go.


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  • That conversation is too confusing for words. Maybe he heard you didn't want to go to this place on Tuesday and was pissed and thought he would start some thing by being a smart ass. Otherwise who knows! I don't know the back story to any of this so its hard to tell what this guy was getting at.

  • Sounds like he doesn't want you to show up on Tuesday...

  • he's an ass? maybe he thinks your a threat?

  • Because you are...


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