What should I do about this girl?

So me and this cute girl had a class together in the first semester of the year. At first we didn't really come into contact with one another at first aside from when we were alone in the hallway and stared at one another. A week or so we met up at this party in the woods through a mutual friend, and we started to hit it off. I proceeded to attempt to hu with her and I walked her home. She told me that while I was cute she didn't wanna hu with anyone due to some reputation she had. When I brought her home I tricked her into kissing me by asking her for a kiss on the cheek and then I went in and kissedher on the lips and she proceed to laugh and hug me for like the billiontth time of the night. After that I started to try to text her which she mainly ignored. And we wound up one night talking on fb for a good 3 hours, but then she started using info she got from a friend of mine to make fun of me, this pissed me off and we got into a fight. We would appologize but then she married said friend on which proceeded to piss me off more and we got into another argument where she would say never would she ever get with me. After this things were awkward between us and we had very little contact. This weekend we were at another party in the woods where I confronted her askin her if she hates me to which she replie no. But she would go on to try her best to avoid me again. When I was walking home with one of my friends, he said how he was gonna try an get with her which pissed me off greatly. I honestly don't know how I should treat this situation would this girl anymore, I always tell myself I'm going to ignore her but that never seems to work and any insight on how I should treat this situation would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Move on. If she can do it why don't you .Show some guts_as she said _she would try her best to avoid you ! PEOPLE CHANGE,THINGS GO WRONG,SH-T HAPPENS___bUT LLIFE GOES ON...

    It's hard to move on, I know. Date someone who you know can love you the way you can love her. Not less than nor more than, but equal as you can love her. It's really hard to move on especially when you're always near her or you can always see her. Stay away from her for a while, don't talk to her, cut any communications with her and date another girl.

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