Never had a real relationship. What should I do?

I really think I'm a kind person and make others laugh alot, it's just always been hard talking to girls I was attracted to...well showing I how I really felt. I used to be really over weight but got older and changed my lifestyle completely. I am now a model but just made a zoosk account? I get noticed a lot and have girls approach( I am 100% into girls btw) me but I always come off like I'm not into them or douchy because I'm fearful of rejection/nervous. Most likely because I still feel I'm an overweight,shy 16 year old. And I have had girls reject me in the past...

Is it better to just go on a bunch of dates to break this cycle? I'm not into having a relationship because I want a girl to hook up with but someone to experience life with and share it with. I'm just so unexperienced with girls/relationships yet I don't look like I would be..I just want to take it slow and do it right..


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  • You just haven't met your dream girl yet. No biggie.


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