He rarely asks me out anymore?

we're been dating for several months now. he seems into me, because we see each other 2-3 times a week, and each date lasts 4-5 hours. most of these dates are regular things that don't need much planning, but we try to have one flexible date every week. but I feel that I'm the one initiating the contact for these dates all the time. granted, when I text him about doing something, he texts or calls me right back and seems interested in going out. but I think most of the times, he just assumes that we'll be going out and doesn't contact me. should I talk to him about it? is this something natural that happens as a relationship progresses?


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  • sounds like the person may not have the money...cost money to go out...

    • i pay my own bills because we both work.

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    • that's what I meant. we always split the bill. we're not rich but money's not that tight either

    • gotcha...I'm thinking that your situation is normal. He may be more interested in something else or someone else...

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