Going out with guy for 3 weeks, he never calls, just texts. What does it mean?

I've been going out with this guy for three weeks and he always texts me but never calls..is that weird? what does it mean?


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  • You've met in person, right? Next time you talk with him in person, tell him how much you love the sound of his voice. He might get the hint. If not, you call him. When you're on the phone, tell him that you just had to hear his voice again.

    If he doesn't get the hint in the following weeks, you can ask him later to call you once in a while instead of always texting. Some people just prefer texts, but using the advice above, you should be able to get a phone call or two with him in once in a while. Good luck!

    • one time I called him and he texted me "did you call me?" I didn't want to seem stupid so I said no...n yes we've out 4 times

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    • You should have texted back 'yea, call me back' !

    • Kangajay made a good point too. Try that if he sends the same text again.

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  • I know I'm kinda like that. I would much rather text that talk on the phone because I simply hate talking on the phone with both guys and girls. Simple as that.


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  • in this day in age it's not that unusual for people to prefer texting, especially young people. I wouldn't read too much into it. it's not a reflection of how he feels for you.

    • i don't mind texting, but sometimes I would prefer him to call me...especially when its the beginning and I want to get to know him...how should tell him indirectly?

    • i don't think it'll hurt to ask, but he might be insecure about it. perhaps it's better to leave the getting to know each other to when you're together in person. but if you prefer that he answers your calls with calls rather than texts, then I definitely think you should let him know.

  • Yeah that's kinda weird.