What does it mean if he is still on a dating website?

My fiancé and I meet on a dating website. We have been together now for 9 months. I shut my profile and everything down. When he was on the computer I noticed he had mail in his inbox from the dating wesite. He showed me his profile and it does say that he is not looking for a relationship, only to keep the friends he has made. However he is on the site for hours. Am I wrong to be jealous or feel a little suspicious?


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  • Some people use dating websites not just to find dates, but also to add excitement to their lives or to stroke their own egos. And it can be a bit addictive, after you've gotten used to that. At least he seems to be up-front about it, which means that it's unlikely to be him cheating, but what you should do is this:

    Don't ask him to stop; rather, just explain to him that his spending so much time on that site makes you feel a llittle insecure, jealous, and even hurt. Hopefully he'll get the message and CHOOSE to back off of it some. If not, then escalate as you feel you need to.

    But I would NOT rush to get married with an unresolved issue like this in your relationship.

    • Yea I have to agree with the above poster. But this is a red flag either way...Ive been in your position in the past.oftentimes, it may mean that he isn't ready in some way or another...I'd just talk to him. Let him know you shut yours down, and that you would feel comfortable if he shut his down too..., sometimes guys just like the fact that theyre getting attention even if he isn't cheating. But if you 2 have already set the date on when you're getting married, then make him shut it down by then

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  • Maybe he's not in love. You are over 45, after all. Which means you're not young, sexy and fertile anymore. Maybe he wants a good friend and then some fresher stuff on the side. Just a thought.

  • Did you say fiancee?


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