Girls, is it true that you like a challenge when it comes to dating?

You don't like that you can get a guy too easily. you like to work to get him?

You like things like these:

- He doesn't always return phone calls when you think he will, and doesn't call when he says he will.

- He isn't always available to hang out.

- It's hard to tell if he likes you or not, and you never know how much.

So what do you think? You like a challenge? or no?


^ article by David Deangelo. Think this is B.S. or no?
"Just because someone is available does not mean that they're unmotivated, not busy, or desperate..."

Agree or disagree girls?


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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! *curses GaG for not allowing me to put this in bold and under-strike a thousand times*

    I want easy. I like easy. I wanna know when he likes me, dammit !

    Games are a total, absolute, turn off. A DEAL BREAKER. NO GAMES. I want simple, obvious, in my face signals.

    This doesn't mean I want a clingy guy, but someone who shows me he likes me, who proves it, and who is reliable.


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  • No one wants someone who is desperate, but that doesn't mean we like guys who are hard to get. Females are already taught not to approach, so a hard to get male probably won't get anywhere with women unless he's extremely good looking or famous.

    As for the things you mentioned, not calling when he says he will is a no-no. That tells me straight up he's just playing games or he's unreliable. The beginning is the time for good first impressions. If he doesn't give a damn about returning a call THAT early, he'll only get worse with time.

    If he's not always available to hang out, that's a plus because it says he's busy with his life. Of course I need to see that he's making time to see me, but if he's available every second of every day I'm going to wonder what's he doing with his life.

    The last one about hard to tell if he likes you is OK in the beginning. We're just getting to know each other, I don't expect him to be head over heels so quick. After a while though, this too will be a deal breaker. I'll begin to feel that he's too emotionally detached for me and move on (I have moved on from a guy like this in the past).

    • Correction to my first line: We don't like guys who PLAY hard to get. Guys who simply are hard to get are different, only to the extent though that we're the ones who get them. We can tell between a guy playing games and a guy who's interested but not desperate.

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    • yeah but being desperate, needy, clingy, insecure, is a thousand, million, billion times worse if you are a guy

    • I think it's pretty even. If you think those things are more OK for girls then maybe you should up your standards. Guys I date wouldn't be cool with those things in women.

  • I absolutely HATE it when guys play hard to get, you either like us or you don't CHOOSE ONE. Because guess what you play hard to get too much she'll just leave you for a guy who actually shows her his feelings for her and is forward, not oh I like you, or maybe I don't or maybe I do.

    ~I Hate it when guys do this so don't do it call when you say you will or the girll will get mad, but don't over call (like calling her 24/7

    ~This is understanable shows that you have a life and aren't obsessed with her, but still make sure you spend time with her.

    ~Usually when a guy does this I just sayforget about it and find someone else, its okay A LITTLE in the beginning but that's it.

    That article is complete Bullsh*t. I agree with that statement. And the key point is treat the girl as if she were you (or someone you treat with a lot of respect)

  • No, no, no, no, not at all.

    I want to know straight up front, no games. Jr. high stuff is just stupid.

    • B.S...and I think that article is aimed at...a "particular" audience, not relationship oriented persons. If you get my drift.

    • "Just because someone is available"...could be that someone is very selective in their choices. And that's a good thing.

  • Sometimes I do like a challenge when it comes to guys, as guy sometimes like girls playing hard to get. It depends. Sometimes I like working for it, sometimes I just want things to be easygoing and smooth :)


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  • yeah, women are something else

  • Availability is not a bad thing... again - warped logic with women.

    Just because someone is available does not mean that they're unmotivated, not busy, or desperate...

  • im very confused you want a man..hes gonna have to have money and resoures then he has to be availble I don't get this at what role do women play?

  • i hate the standards women, girls have, I don't get why people say they are fine the way they are

  • yeah, pisses me off

  • They do to an extent...