Should I call/ text him?

I kinda got mad at this guy that I have been talking to for 4 months now because I called him 3 times and he returned back my call the next day...i just told him that I was upset and that I really got worried. so I told him I won't call him anymore and if he wants he can call its been a half a day now and I still Haven't heard from him...i shouldn't text him right?


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  • First thing called him WAY tooo many times. If he's busy, or just doesn't feel like talking to you give him space. Maybe he had a really good excuse for not answering that night, and you flipped for no reason. But your coming off as a clingy girlfriend, and I'm the type of girl that needs my space, and I've dumped guys because they didn't give me space. YOU SHOULDN"T TEXT HIM. He's probably just thinking what to do, you put him in a trap..he probably did or does like you and now has a ton of mixed feelings. You made it seem like he was the bad dguy in the scenario, when he wasn't. Now he's thinking if I call her, she's gonna be pissed still about the other night...and if I don't were done. It's your call, you seem like the girl that will do w.e. she wants.


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  • No, you should not contact him until he contacts you.

  • My advice is...don't play games if you care!


    Its just easier that way.

    Thats what I do- I waste less time on the wrong ones.

    Because If you care and you show it- you'll just be able to tell if they feel the same way back. if not I move on.

    better than caring- and not showing it; and f*cking yourself!

    • what you mean don't play games? I'm not playing games...he is the one playing games...who takes 12 hours to call someone back? so what are you telling me to do? :/

    • you said you told him you wouldn't call him anymore.

      and then you ask if you should call/text him.

      I'm just saying- go with what you say.

      verbalize how you feel, say what's bothering you- if he just keeps doing it then it didn't really matter anyways right?

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  • no, you shouldn't you should leave him the hell alone lol.

    • loool I know! I feel bad real easily! ahhh hate waiting! :/

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    • he interpreted it as manipulation then. and if he does care, he'll call. if he doesn't then you should move on. you gave him an ultimatum, the ball is indefinitely in his court.

    • okay so I'll see what he does then :/

  • No wait for him. Why did you say you wouldn't call only for you to want to text him the next day? And its only been half a day give it more time.

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