Really need advice about what to do when you're in the grey area before a relationship. Help!

When do you stop seeing other people?

This is my situation. I hooked up with guy A a few times, but we were just friends and neither wanted a relationship. Then a few weeks later I met this really cool guy B who I could actually see myself with. Problem is, he's 5 hours away at school now. We've been texting like everyday for the last 3 weeks or so...and we're trying to meet up in person if we can.

It was good at first...but as more time passes, it's getting kinda casual. We don't have that much to talk about anymore and getting together probably isn't possible for another month or so. I'd let things fizzle out with guy A...but now he's wanting to hang out again, and just asked me to a movie. I was gonna officially end it with him, but things aren't as solid with guy B as I thought they were.

I hope I'm not being stupid here in not seeing what to do. I honestly don't know which guy I'd rather be with right now...I mean, I'd say guy B, but it just may not work out with the distance. I truly enjoy hanging out with guy A, even though there's not as much chemistry there.

Is it OK for me to see both of them right now? Since neither are official? I don't want guy B to think I'm messing around behind his back, as he knows I like him, but we're not in a relationship, or even really dating yet. And I don't want guy A to think I'm just using him...I don't think he'd think that but still.

Any advice would be welcome! Thanks.


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  • Yes, it's OK to see both of them if you aren't official, but if they ask about your dating status I think you should be honest and tell them that you're weighing your options.


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