If you and your crush are both online and visible, should you contact them first or let them contact you?

A guy I used to date and I are friends but I still like him. He broke up with me a year ago. We are both online a lot, and can see each other as visible on messenger. Sometimes he contacts me but other times we are both online all day and I don't want to bug him so I don't IM him, and then neither of us talk. Should I give him his space and wait until he IMs me first?


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  • If he has I'm you before and you have never done so, then eventually he will think you don't want to talk to him thru I'm, if you continue letting him do all the I'm contact initiation.

    Since you have never contacted him, you should initiate contact next time to at least give him a clue that you don't mind chatting with him. If I'm always the one doing all the IMing to a female, and she never IMs me out of her own will, then eventually I think she doesn't be want to be bothered by me...

  • Some guys think "hm... I wonder if she likes me. If she does, I bet she'll message me." Because it's what we would do if we liked a girl. Message them. Sometimes, both of you need your time, and it's probably best if you leave him alone once in a while. But I don't think there would be anything wrong with initiating contact. Think of how you think of it. You don't mind when he messages you, he, in all likelihood, feels no different. So I don't think messaging would do you any harm if you started it.


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