What do you do when you like two girls?

I like two girls and I'm not sure what to do about it. I've been friends with one of them for probably about 5 years or so, and she is a couple years younger than me and we have a lot in common. But she has a boyfriend, but he doesn't treat her right and neglects her and acts like it's her fault whenever they have a disagreement. She told me that she'd leave him if she could do it without getting really depressed (she'd done this whenever they broke up in the past) and she said she'd told him this too but he didn't really seem to care. I care about her a lot and hate seeing her with a guy that doesn't treat her right. Now the other girl is a girl that I just recently got to know in the past year. She's seven years younger than me, and we work together and go to school together. We get along really well and make each other laugh, and whenever she looks me in the eyes I'm get these butterflies in my stomach. I can usually tell what she's thinking by just looking in her eyes, but we had a rough patch a couple weeks ago and had a disagreement and hadn't really talked to each other for a while but now things seem to be going back to the way they used to be. The first girl was asking me about the second girl the other night, like why do I like her and stuff. I didn't really wanna talk to her about it because I thought it was a little weird talking to her about a girl I like when I like her too. I just wanna know what I should do about this, any advice would help and be great.


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  • Judging by the curiosity of the first girl towards the second, she might like you (yes, I mean girl #1). You have to be honest with yourself.

    You like one more than the other, so who's it gonna be? Follow your heart.

    My following explanation is under the impression that you'd prefer girl #1. After all, you two have been friends 5 years. You know her inside and out and let's face it, she's more likely the girl for you. If you don't feel she is and prefer girl #2, skip ahead to the portion about her and skip all I say about #1.

    Some people may not agree with my advice, but this is what I seriously think you should do, because if you don't, you're going to feel messed up (though you still might otherwise).

    Tell girl #1 you have feelings for her. Tell her what an idiot her boyfriend is and that he doesn't deserve her (he clearly doesn't). Tell her that if she left him she wouldn't have to be depressed because you could be there for her to hold. And as long as it's truthful, tell her that even if she doesn't feel the same, you'll still be her friend and be there for her.

    And if girl #1 honestly doesn't like you, hopefully it won't ruin your friendship.

    Moving on. If things with girl #1 fail. And this is also where you step in if you prefer girl #2.

    Pursue girl #2. Don't move in on her just yet. You two had a rough patch. Give it a bit of extra time but flirt with her more. Build some tension between you two (good tension, not bad!) Drop hints. And see how she reacts.

    When you feel confident enough that she might like you, ask her out to dinner.

    And that my friend, is the best I can offer.


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  • I think you've been friend-zoned by the first girl. Just go for the new girl, it will work wonders in two ways. Not only you'd now have a new potential life partner the other girls might get jealous and realize that she (probably) likes you all along. If she doesn't then you have nothing to lose since you still have the new girl. I'm not saying you should two-time them but it makes more sense if you don't waste such a good chance because you're hanging on to your old friend who may or may not feel about you the same way. Remember the golden rule, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Don't waste too much time on a girl who's probably not gonna be with you anyway.

  • You probably liked the first girl first but your moving on. You talk about the bad stuff with her boyfriend but maybe there's something really good that people don't see outside the relationship. Of course she could just be in a sh*tty relationship.

    Eventually you just move on if you couldn't get what you want. Pursue the 2nd girl and remain friendly with the first