Best way for a guy to let a girl know she has an effect on him?

I often hear guys should be completely unreactive, and hide jealousy and the effect a girl has on his emotions. If I think I'm having a positive effect on a female's emotions and see her light up in my presence: it makes me feel like there's a connection and makes we want to be around her. How does a guy demonstrate the effect a female has on him? Most of this "feeling" I get if I think I have an effect on a female is nonverbal, seeing them sit up straight and smile to themself as soon as they see me: subtle but powerful. How do I demonstrate nonverbally, the effect a girl has on me?

What about when they're shy or hold back and go out of their way to look anywhere BUT at the guy? I've dated girls, who have been social, attractive, and intelligent, who have been really shy around me at first, and I had to look so hard that I almost thought what I saw in their eyes was all in my head. What little, subtle things can I do to give it a push, to fan the flames and see how they react?


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  • You're probably releasing a lot more subconscious cues than you realize, just like this girl is, and congrats for noticing.

    I can't QUITE tell what you're asking word for word. I'm assuming you're asking "how do I tell this girl I like her without saying it, to see if she feels the same?"

    Touch her.

    Girls KNOW that's a sign a guy likes them (unless they're braindead). Do it subtly. By touching her arm or shoulder when you talk to her. Not at a time when it's called for (i.e. you grab her to turn her towards you when she's turned the other way or something). But when it's uncalled for.

    Some things you could do (must be facing each other):

    -Grab a lock of her hair and appreciate it ("Your hair looks good today"; "You know, you have really beautiful hair"; "You know, you have a lovely hair color")

    -Touch her forearm lightly while asking her ANYTHING. It could be as simple as "You going to John's party tonight?" Literally, you could say just about anything.

    -This one's quite daring: Reach towards her cheek/forehead with your fingers as if to grab something off her face and proceed to say "You have something on your face". Then pretend to grab something and throw it away saying it was "just a little fluff". The key here however is that you need to EVER SO SLIGHTLY, LINGER. Linger. Linger! It's important that as you are touching her face that you so softly take a second to study her face and look into her eyes. Don't linger too long though or then it can be creepy. Also, make sure you don't tell her there's something on her face until AFTER you've started to reach towards her. Otherwise she might try to get it off herself. Reach in and say it so it's too late for her to do so.

    THEN! Follow-up:

    Continue to subtly flirt verbally or stare innocently and lovingly into her eyes and watch her reactions to EVERYTHING! Note her body language and if she retaliates that flirting. To get a clear answer, you may need to try flirting variations more than once but you should be able to see how she feels soon.

    These things are discreet AND indiscreet enough to work.

    There's also ONE more thing you could do but it's tricky and you need to execute it properly. It has to seem appropriate or it could seem like too much. I.e., you could do this at any point during a party where there's music in the background, if there's people around you can whisper to her, or if you need to be quiet in the library, etc. As you lean in to say something in her ear (or even if you don't head to her ear and just go close to her face), you have to literally be IN HER FACE. Get closer than people normally do, to that point where they feel they've lost that personal space cushion normally around them. That "almost kissing" distance. Then watch her. Does she seem nervous? Blushing? Is she reacting positively? DING DING DING! If she moves away from you, it might be because she's shy so try once more. If she moves away again, she might just not like you. Depends how she executes it.

  • Return the feeling. she's sending nonverbal signals because she's not calculating what to do next. so you would be sending the correct nonverbal signals if you just let yourself go in the moment. you like her, and she likes u. so it will show and we'll get it. most of the time. lol


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