I kissed his best friend?

Last night I went out with some friends and ended up kissing the best friend of the guy I really like. Today I found out that last night he told my best friend that he likes me but wants to take things slow. Apparently, he was also really shocked and unhappy to see me kissing his best friend. Have I blown my chances with him or is there a way to fix it all?


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  • There's a timeless code between men, we really do value our male friendships often above everything else. Bros before hoes. Yes, this is the law we govern our lives with, as loyalty to a man is how we forge friendships. He was honest with his friend and I understand why he's upset. If I was in his place, I'd be miffed. Your chance is most likely blown. You made yourself look like you're easy by breaking the guy code and going after the friend.

    While this chance is most likely over and done with, in the future, I suggest you back off the alcohol (I'm guessing you drank too much?) and reign in your self-control so you don't end up getting two more guys thinking less of you. Sorry sweetheart, but this one you can write off, or at least they won't consider you girlfriend material.


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  • Wait.. why did you kiss the best friend of the guy you like?

    So it means you don't actually like that guy right?

    So you got interested in his best friend maybe.