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I might be developing feelings for a long lost friend since we've reconnected over Facebook. She's a single mother, and has clearly stated that she's happy with her situation and not looking for a "daddy" or anything like that. That said, very early on, I mentioned that I've never had any experience with a single mother dating wise, and wasn't really sure how I'd react to such a situation. Lately though, I'm becoming more and more interested, and would really like to meet up with her to see if there's any chemistry. My question is whether my statement about being uncertain about dating a mom will come back to bite me? Would any of you hold an honest comment like that against somebody even if they showed every effort to get past it?


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  • As a single mom, I wouldn't let that ruin any chances with someone. Just know that if she's a good mom, she will be super selective and it could be a very long time before you see her child.

    If you decide to ask her out and she accepts (or during the course of your reconnecting conversations) talk about it. Don't pretend you didn't say it! When it comes up be honest and tell her that at the time you said it you meant it because you've never experienced it and hadn't given it a lot of thought.

    But be certain that if you decide to proceed you need to think about it and decide how you really feel. The worst thing you can do to her is to have her let you in (to her and her child's life) then decide you can't handle it and want out.

    Good Luck

    • Agreed, slow is best. We're casually batting around the idea of getting together (informally) just to see each other face to face. From there who knows.

  • i don't think it will come back and bite you but you might have to explain yourself later if things are developing later, it also might make her be more standoffish towards you. single moms are very careful with dating. they have a lot on their plate and aren't just dating carelessly they have their kids to think about too. who she is bringing around her kids and who this person deals with her situation. just know the kids always come first to be with her you have to be OK with that and supportive

    • I completely agree with all that. My thing is just that I don't know if I'm ready to take on that sort of responsibility because I've never been in such a position. It's just unknown territory. I'm an uncle many times over, and love kids though. My worry is that she'd think it was a deal breaker for me, which I don't think it is, assuming there is something between us. I just don't want such a comment to possibly prevent her from seeing me in that light.

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