As Long as I have a Man to chat/flirt with , I don't want a boyfriend =/ Is that Bad?

I feel like once I get some male attention, I have no desire for a boyfriend. Is something wrong with me?


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  • For some girls, having a boyfriend is too intense because they are uncertain about their feelings. Instead, they prefer short-term flirtations, which meet that need for giddy romantic activities. THey don't want to engage in the swapping of troubles and emotional baggage, they just want the good stuff.

    When the right guy comes along, this seemingly shallow desire vanishes and she is prepared to share and compromise with the guy who has really attracted her, heart, mind and soul (not just BODY).

    No, it's not bad, per se. It's only unhealthy if you aren't straightforward about your intentions or if you remain ambiguous forever, which ultimately leaves you unfulfilled, keeping in mind that flirting is only the appetizer; the main course is yet to come.

    • that's deep :)

    • Hope it/s helpful. :-)

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  • It means that attention you want is being fulfilled.

    When they're gone, it's not fulfilled anymore.

    & then you want a boyfriend again.

  • Not really, you are who you are.


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  • No. Nothing's wrong with you. :)