Should we try or no?

There is this guy, and we've dated before but it ended horribly. We're thinking about dating again. He's really shy but when we're alone or out, basically anywhere but school, he talks and stuff but at school when we pass in the halls he looks at me and then looks away. he doesn't smile or say hey or anything. It makes me feel like he is ashamed of me.


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  • Well, first of all you need to understand that you have tried to work it out before but it ended horribly as you said. People don't change at least for the better. So, you need to understand that his flaws and shortcomings will still be there and thus you may face the same problems you had before over and over again. This is why you need to think really hard if you seriously want him back or not. I bet he didn't change at all. Are you willing to go through the same problems again? Are you willing to get hurt once more? Ask yourself so. :)

    As for smiling at you, maybe he is shy and is socially awkward. Maybe it's not about you at all. But, you are right to be concerned. He should feel happy and comfortable around you. I'm shy but when I like a guy, I lose the walls I put up for myself.

    There is something more I want to add. I don't believe he will make you feel happy. You deserve a guy who would be proud of you, admires you and appreciates your existence in his life. I have a gut feeling that he'll drive you crazy with his awkwardness. You deserve a better guy, to be honest. Why him? I think you deserve better.

    Hope this helps. :)