Guys, do you recommend I give up?

Long story short, this guy used to express interest in me when we met at some events 2 years ago. When he saw me around after that, he'd do his usual ignore/stare routine. Now we share 2 classes together, he'd still do the usual: staring, side-glances, stands near me at the lifts etc. But on other occasions he completely ignores me.

I'm finding it hard to interact with him. Firstly, because of the class size - too small, too many familiar people, people just stick in their cliques - I can't even go over and sit with him because he's with this bunch of loud all the time. And times when I try and "create" an opportunity for us to be in the same area so we can interact - he disappears, or leaves really early etc. And there were times where we are in the same place, but I'm too hesitant/shy to say anything. =(

He's never been attached.. but I kinda feel discouraged. It's been about a month, should I give up and move on?


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  • Sounds like you've got a shy one on your hands. He definitely sounds interested though. You should just go up to him and say, "Hey, are you going to ask me out or what?" and give him little smile so he knows you're not actually mad or anything. I'm sure he'll give some reason why he hasn't yet, and then he'll suggest doing something together or "hanging out this weekend" or some version of that.

    • I was thinking of talking to him for a real long time already.. and I don't think I have done anything to indicate significant interest. so I don't know if he's moving on himself or what= /

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    • Hell yeah 7 weeks is enough time. All you need is one day. It's not like you can't see each other after school is out. And guys don't lose interest easily. If he's been staring at you in the past, he's still attracted to you for sure. If he doesn't leave early then give him the note while he's still in class. No one will think anything of it if you just came up to him and said, "Hey, you dropped this earlier." Give the note, smile and walk away. This will work.

    • True. One day, one minute is all I need. :D that sounds like a very nifty idea!

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  • Don't give up in particular but don't set high hopes because you could be hurt. I mean keep on trying to talk to him, to exchange eye contact and whatnot, but also try to see other guys. Socialize, go out, party with your friends and get to know other guys. If he made a move, then it's a great thing but if he didn't you wouldn't get hurt.

    He could be shy and afraid of rejection. You can exchange eye contact and smile at him to make him feel a bit more comfortable around you. If he looks back at you and smile, then most probably he likes you a lot but feels either shy or intimidated. :)

    After that, you could make up an excuse to talk with him. Go ask him something about the course you're taking together or try to sit next to him and drop your pen right under his foot.

    If he was interacting, then give him your number and ask him for his. Start textng and joking around with him. Eventually, ask him out for coffee or for a walk in the park.

    Take it slow but sure. Good luck!

    • hmm. do guys lose "inerest" after a long while of no signs of interest from the girl? I mean I haven't done anything that seems that I'm remotely interested. I like your answer (:

    • Yes, they do because they think you aren't really interested. You should make up an excuse and interact with him. :)