Why do I change so quickly?

Let me keep it simple. Whenever I start dating a guy who I really like (like have a huge crush on) after about a week of us being together, I lose my spark. I really try to keep me wanting more of them, but it just doesn't happen. Some of my friends told me it was because I date the guys who aren't really my type. My type is the guy with the emo look and the outcast and stuff like that (wierd considering I'm not emo or an outcast not to sound like I'm full of myself). I admit previous guys haven't been that way at all, but I see nothing wrong with trying out different things . . . I guess I'm just trying to say I don't know what's up with me, and has it ever happened to you. Or, do you know why it keeps happening to me. Thanks <3.


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  • Maybe you do crush on them but do you feel something more than a crush with them. Communication and similarities will keep you in a good stand point, but the guys I crushed on was just the way they looked, acted and talked it was more of an outside kind of like. I didn't know much about them and they didn't seem to push at me wanting to know more. Personally I think you should just get to know more things about the guys. I don't think its you or them its just that not everyone connects all the way. You'll be compatible some what but not uber connected. If you dig the 'emo' looking guys then go for it. When I was in high school those are the guys I was into my (freshmen year) in my (sophomore year) I was into the guys with plaid shirts/long hair/skinny jeans, my (junior year) into the sports guys, & (senior year) into the smart/responsible guys it changed every year I didn't expect it too but it did, I never dated though. Now I'm into things that matter not the type of guy more if he's: Honest, Understanding,Caring,Talkative,Athletic,Smart,Loving.

    Well anyway good luck with finding your guy (:


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  • You're finding the wrong guys. One week after dating them, and you're bored. This is why chemistry is important. If you have good chemistry, then you'll like being with each other no matter what you do.


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