Moral/Emotional Calamity?

I apologize ahead of time for the lengthy-ness of this question.

I'm having a problem figuring out exactly what to do that would be the best for me.

I dated a guy named Ruu for about a month, a month and a half and he was always super emotional and continuously accusing my of flirting with guys I've never spoken to before. My friend, who had dated him before, said that breaking up with him was the best idea she had with him, but I know that may not ring true with me when it comes to him.

I'm not very experienced in the dating world, he's only my third boyfriend. He is the only guy I've gotten physical with and he didn't get really obnoxious about his paranoia and jealousy until afterwards.

He started saying he was falling for me, that he needed me to trust him when I obviously already did. He wanted so much from me that I wasn't sure I should give so early in the relationship. I wasn't emotionally there seeing as I had had my heart broken by another guy only about a few months before getting with Ruu. I feel like he doubted me too much to even give me the chance to start an emotional attachment and by the time I broke up with him, it was too late for one to begin.

Since then, we've been talking, like friends. Then we agreed to be each others' "support," be it physical or regarding our education/home life. Since then, he is relentless about me giving him a second chance. He treats me with respect and I can tell he's not being fake about how he feels.

I broke up with him because he was demanding too much too soon, my emotional detachment (I wasn't into him all the time; being into him seemed like a rare mood and continues to elude me when I try to make a decision whether to give him a second chance or not,) his best friend and "brother lover" tells me how much Ruu adores me and is willing to wait for the emotional part of it to come later and wants me to give him a second chance and be in a casual relationship because he feels it's best for Ruu.

I know he would be possibly the closest I'm ever going to get to a perfect boyfriend, should I give it a second chance or shut him down and keep looking?

I'm only 16, he's 18. This is stressing me out and taking thought time away from my mountains of homework. He said he'd go easy on all the things he was demanding of me; I told him all the problems I had with him; and all he wants is something casual and stable.


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  • Leave him. LEAVE, he is accusing you because that is more than likely what he is doing. That and it shows he is insecure about himself, things only get worse from here. Take it from someone whose had possessive gf's in the past. Save yourself, and run!


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