Should I meet up with him?

A year or two ago I started seeing this guy, we'll call him A. A and I had a very physical relationship and it turned out to be just that and us hanging out watching TV. After about 5 months of this I realized that I wanted more than that but that he couldn't give it to me, nor did I want him to give it to me (he was a very negative, unhappy person most of the time). Eventually we fizzled out and stopped talking.

Now he's messaging me on FB saying that he misses me so much and that he thinks about me all the time and would like to get together. At first I was like no way, but (and don't judge me) it's been a really long time since I've gotten some, and I'm considering seeing him just for the hookup potential.

Do you think this is a terrible idea? Should I just leave well enough alone?


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  • Those kind of people don't tend to change alot. Hating your family is a big deal. And when he doesn't listen to cheer up, sounds like he will be depressed for the rest of his life.

  • Why was the guy depressive and unhappy?

    Because he got dumped? Because he couldn't get a girlfriend?

    There are lots of reasons for someone to be unhappy. Just talk to him about it and it will work out.

    • I did talk with him about it, he was always so pissed at work and hated his family and was just generally one of those people who refused to be happy and wouldn't listen when you tried to pull him out of it

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