What is this not calling/ texting game?

so I kinda blew up on this guys I've been talking to for 3 months...he took like 12 hours to call me back...anyways...long story short, I told him I won't call him again Because I was frustrated and said that he can call me...sooooooooooooooooooooo its been like 3 days and I Haven't heard from him :/

i reallllyyyy wanna text him but my gfs are telling me to wait and see if he will contact me himself

honestly if he cares for me, wouldn't he do anything to make sure that he doesn't lose me? in the past with other people,I used to always call and try to make things better even though it wasn't my fault and it just made guys take advantage of my niceness and continue the same mistakes...

what should I do? I'm literally dying! :(


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  • your intensity is scaring me just reading this, so god knows how he's feeling.

    you can't assume he's "taking advantage of your niceness" because he didn't call back after 12 hours, that's ridiculous - he's going to have a life outside your friendship.

    you can't assume that because he hasn't text you in 3 days that he doesn't care about you.

    your friends are right - back off. he'll text you when he wants to talk.

    you're probably lovely, but if you don't chill a bit you are going to scare him away.

  • "I kinda blew up on this guy...he took like 12 hours to call me back" "its been like 3 days and I Haven't heard from him... I'm literally dying" Please take a step back, look at how you have overreacted big time and how ridiculous you sound.

    You sound very overbearing to me and I would run a mile from a girl who demanded me to be on call 24/7, gave me no space to breathe and who couldn't allow me at least an ounce of freedom/independence.

    Do you treat your mother this way? Because if you do, you can't treat men the same way.

    Did you consider that possibly he was actually busy? or genuinely forgot to call you back because he had something on his mind and got distracted?

    • apologies if I sounded a bit harsh but you need to keep your emotions in check as you may have scared him away. It's obvious that you like him and that really cool and I bet that makes him feel good and happy but don't be obsessive because it unattractive and childish

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