Just asked a girl out..was it too quick?

Anyway I just started using zoosk..I met a mad cool girl on there and we talked a lot last night and I gave her my number..shes been big in keeping the convo going and we talked some today. I just asked her if she wanted to do something in the future? To soon to ask that? I like talking to people and getting to know them irl so that's why I asked + she is really chill. It was via text but its not like I know her from school and phone call would be a little weird right?

she said yeah, definitely within 2 minutes of me sending it. Haha. Maybe call her like to set up the date or like the day of?
Thanks for the advice, it really helped so I kinda set it up over text nothing to official like the exact time but a day ect..I figure it is wday and I'll call her Friday night or sat before we go and like find out where she lives or if were meeting somewhere ect...


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  • Not at all. Don't worry about it, if it felt right to ask her at that moment, then it was the right decision from your gut.

    My boyfriend and I went official after the 2nd day of going out (1st date on Friday, 2nd the next day). I even went out with him in the first place simply because my gut said to go for it, even though I hadn't known him for long. I thought it was too fast at first, but now I realize that it simply felt right and there's no set period of time before moving forward.


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  • Nah, I think you're fine.

    Don't stare at the phone all day though. Give her time to respond.

    One thing I may recommend is talking to her on the phone so you're both more comfortable talking in real time than just communicating electronically.

    • Congrats! Definitely call her. Don't wait a week for a date. Try to setup something for this weekend. You can casually ask her if she has any plans for Sat or Sun. It's also best to have a specific thing you want to do in mind. Even if it's just getting coffee to meet up for the first time. Last but most importantly, have fun!