Am I the only guy smart enough not to play some women's games?

hi everybody I am just wondering this question is a 3 part so please bear with me and give me your honest answers,opinions and your perspectives thanks.

1.Am I the only smart guy who is smart enough not to play some women's games like mind games hard to get games etc. of any games women play with men and guys like me? And yes I am a nice guy and I'm damn proud of it(pardon my french) they do play games with men when dating and when they are in the relationships with the guy/man. you think I'm a jerk if I choose to not play any games the some women play like mind games,hard to get games,reschedule games,etc.? Like if she can't make it she say" sorry I can't make it maybe the next week" then she make up excuses again and say" next week" then she takes you for granted if you get what I mean.

and 3.Was I right to give her only one chance if I sense she don't like me or if she is about to play games with me I'll have nothing to do with her if she asks me for another chance. When she apologize to me I'll give one final chance if she does it again I'm done with her I tell her off like I tell her you think it's he he it's not funny

I'm done we are finish I am not going to play your stupid immature games and I find someone else who don't play games like that. If that don't work feel free to give me advices ahead of time when they play those stupid immature games some women play how to deal with them.

sorry everyone if it's too long I just wanted to know your opinions and your perspectives and your answers and also see if I am the only smart guy who don't play those childish games some women play when dating nice guys,good guys like me and other men she does that to


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  • I don't know that this is about games. It is about recognizing quickly when someone is not interested and moving on. Guys can be just as uncomfortable with telling a girl he is not interested and then playing "games" to avoid telling her the truth. People hope that you will catch the hint instead of having to spell it all out. Some don't really care and just want to keep you on the hook until something better comes along. Girls do this, guys do this too.

    So, if you ask a girl out and she says she cannot make it and "maybe" next week, you should definitely catch the hint and move on. I have had that experience with guys. One guy told me that he couldn't firm up the final details of our date because he was taking the day off and wanted to see if his friends were available to do something first. I totally ditched that guy, lol.

    And if a girl treats you like her second choice, what would the point of giving her another chance be? I cannot even imagine a girl doing that and then actually asking you to give her a second chance. A girl that doesn't like you that much would really care less to ask for a second chance.

    So, good for you. Catch on quickly when someone thinks you are okay instead of amazing and don't waste your time hoping they will change their mind.


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  • i think things should go smoothly while dating it should be light and fun ,like being with a friend relaxed you should share the same interest I don't think anyone should play games beacuse I feel the early stages of dating mark the future relationship!some people in general don't know how to be honest so they try to go about things wrong because they don't want to hurt feelings I think its best to be straight forward as long as your honest I don't think you are a jerk :0)and sometimes I appriciate a man that is understanding if I'm busy..but id keep him updated and not keep doing it! but if I share no effort, I don't expect him to call much so the best way to prevent these things is make some effort and if you feel she isn't making the same amount id explain that to her !it goes both ways in the law of should just be natural ,if not she isn't for you..hope I helped!

    • I'm asking ahead of time like if I do sense things like she is playing these games I'll give her one final chance to proof if she truly is sorry because they usually say oh I'm sorry how about next week no date then next week then next week if you get where I'm coming from you know I'm not playing her stupid games thinking it's cute he he it's funny and I don't think it's cute and it's not funny and it's a waste of my time and my energy if she does play these games and if she does not like you

    • ya I roll things off my shoulders like I said if I feel no effort I don't make any ..i kinda made plans with this guy and forgot I made other plans so I told him and he was yelling at me saying I play games and that wasn't my intent .he was saying I don't make the effort and when I do its like he is busy so I just move on with my day intell we both meet in the middle I think those chicks are imature your talking about it sounds like a headache..ya I agree with you that is stupid they do that

    • its hard to say there intent because I wasn't trying to play games but he took it wrong!so put your foot down if you feel its a patern just like anything else its like you have an employee that keeps coming in late you fire them eventually!

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  • 1) no, you're not the only man in the world who has figured this out. And you are in fact playing the game correctly. The whole point of these games is to see if you can be manipulated.

    2) no.

    3) That sounds reasonable - give them one chance in case it was legitimate.

    • so give her one final chance if she apologize to proof if she is really is sorry is that a good way to find out if she is sorry

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    • Screw what other people say.

      Be a decent guy, don't be a jerk. That doesn't mean be a doormat though. Be able to look back and say 'yeah, I was honest and didn't mistreat people'. But don't play the games. Live your life, enjoy it, be a good guy, and invite women who want to join you to come along for the ride.

    • OK thanks and what I meant I'm looking at my options and I am not picking the best answer for this question