What am I doing wrong that is keeping me from being in a relationship? Why can't I even talk to the guy I like?

I need some help on relationships and stuff. People tell me that the only reason I haven't really found someone was because I don't really open up to people. And don't show guys that I like them. Which I thought I did.

Ive never really had a boyfriend. So when it comes to guys I feel like I'm a screw up. I'm good at admiring hot guys from afar! but when it comes to talking to them at school or initiating holding hands or hanging out I feel like I'm a failure. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a boyfriend and when I see all my friends so happy with their relationship you can't help but want to have someone there for you and to be able to tell anything to. Just someone who makes you happy. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? and things I should be doing that I'm apparently not doing?


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  • It's the same for guys.

    You can plan out the whole conversation but when she stands even near you, you cannot talk.

    It's the curse of being shy. Everybody has it. :C


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  • I can relate...I tend to not make it obvious either...I guess out of shyness...what is your reason? Have you seen a lot of people in bad relationships? Or friends/family in relationships where they were mistreated?

    • I am also pretty shy. I just moved to this new school at the beginning of this school year as a senior, so that adds to my shyness as well. Yes I have had family relationships go bad but that doesn't really affect me. And have seen people in bad relationships too but I just you know hope that "if" I ever get into one that I won't make the same mistakes they did.