How'd you meet your man/woman and start dating?? Just for fun!

hey everyone! I'm pretty new to the dating atmosphere and I've gotten lots of tips and info about dating etc.. and I'm curious as to how the dude and girl meet and eventually just for fun.. how did you meet your man/woman and how did you get to dating them?


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  • I met my fella at work. It didn't take me long to notice there was some intense romantic tension between us, and as time went by we got more bold with our flirting. One night he offered me a ride home, and by this point I was crazy about him so of course I accepted! On the ride to my house, I was racking my brain for an excuse to keep him out longer. It was holiday season, so as I got out of his car and was about to shut the door I said, "See ya!" And then added playfully, "Unless you wanted to take a walk with me to check out the Christmas lights." It was very late at night so the streets were glowing. He thought about it a moment and agreed.

    It was chilly that night, so he bundled me up in a jacket and hat he had in his car. And after only a few minutes of walking, he took my hand. I honestly didn't expect ANYTHING to happen that night. Because he's in a higher position of power at work then I am, so it's illegal for us to spend time together outside of work. Plus, at the time I was under 18 and he is much, much older than I am, so I didn't expect him to be so damn ballsy.

    After taking him down every damn street in the neighborhood, my hand still in his, he maneuvered me in a way so his arms wound tightly around me, and he rested his chin on top of my head. I COULDN'T BELIEVE THIS WAS HAPPENING. We gazed up at the stars talking for a minute or two, and then he spun me back around to face him. He was cautious because of the legal issue of age, so he asked, "Do you want me to kiss you?" And I breathlessly replied after a moment of realization, "Yes."

    We've continued a *low key* relationship since then. As in, no one at work knows. And lemme tell you, I've never been happier. I've dated for quite some time, but I feel new to the dating world just like you are. Because for the first time, it feels RIGHT. And if you wouldn't mind, I'd love to hear your story as well :)

    • i don't have a love story unfortunately.. I'm still looking for my guy *sigh* but awesome story! I loved it :)

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  • I met my girlfriend at a concert. I asked her out about 3 weeks later and since then we have been going strong for about 2 months. Officially dating for about 3 and half weeks

    • that's awesome! what happened exactly at the concert? did you just start talking to her and got her number or what..

    • Well she has a twin which I met first, then I met her. We talked for awhile and danced and swapped numbers that night. I texted her a few days later and we texted off and on until I asked her out on a date. Weve talked everyday since and hung out a ton as well. And started dating just recently

    • wow that's awesome! thanks for sharing :)

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