Asking a girl out on a date over text?

We already went on our first date. Now I'm trying to set up the second date. I called her over the weekend to try to set it up but she didn't answer nor did she respond to the voice mail I left. So now I decided to text her to see if she would respond or if I should move on, but she actually responded. Now I want to ask her on a second date but I don't know if I should call again or just ask her if she is free over text. I know it's not the best idea but would it be OK in this situation? Or should I text her asking when she would be free to talk? Oh yea, we're in college...

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  • Hmm.

    Well its hard to actully give you proper advice when those times you have called, and she didn answer, could of been a numerous of reasons to why she did not answer, and you know what, maybe she doesn't check her voice mail. I know I dont, and I'm always getting family/friends say, "well we told you about dinner tonight, and you never got back to me!" and id be like, "I don't ever listen to voice mail, its annoying and costs too much to listen to."

    So that could be a possibility.

    But in saying that, when I see a missed call/ text from a guy who I like, and WANT A SECOND DATE WITH, ill answer his text, and possibly call him back (doesn't seem creepy to call them back, as they have called you first)... But if she didn't do either, then I'm not sure?

    Okay, so this text message she actully replied to, what did you say, and what did she reply with?

    If you HONESTLY think she is interested, then sure, ask her on a coffee date. fish and chips along the beach, or a movie, her pick! its not like you're asking her to be your girlfriend over a text, so its fine. its what happens these days, people use their phones to ask everything.

    just give it a crack if you think she is interested, because really, it all comes down to gut feeling.

    but hey, the worst she could say is no, or make up an excuse to why she cant, then youve got your answer, and you can move on!


    • Well her response wasn't the best but it was still a response. I asked her how her week is going. But either way, it was still a response. It's just weird cause I know she listens to voice mails...she responded to my first one right after we met by calling back. But not the second one. Strange. So she ignored the voice mail but responded to the text. Her response to the text was "Busy!" so could she have been too busy to respond? idk..

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    • There's this girl who did the same crap to me - I ate her out... she called me "amazing" and then didn't want to hookup again, they string you along ALL THE TIME because they don't have the guts to tell you the're not interested...

    • Well I'm not interested in her anymore so I'm done with that. Time to try to find a new one ;)

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  • In this day and age EVERY body texts. Its the thing to do I guess. So why not, she seems to respond to texting more than phone calls and voice mails.


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  • it seems like the girls I've seen usually hate talking on the phone.

    I always call and if they don't answer I shoot a text, especially if I have been talking to the person recently.

    I don't leave voice mails because I hate checking those and to me its the same thing as a text.

    Either way she'll see that you called, so it won't look "unclassy" on your part. It was her choice not to answer the phone.

    That being said, if the girl says yes I usually text her "awesome I'll call you Saturday!" or whatever day we're going out. That way she knows she can expect a call from me in the future and answer it this time. Also shows that I prefer talking to the phone and I don't get nervous doing so like It might come across as through a text.

  • I would have said that, given how annoyingly consistant girls are about immediate text responses, that she wasn't interested a second date.

    Either way, yeah, I think asking her out for a second date by text is okay now.

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