Opinion wanted on choosing between two guys, a polyamory versus someone I like, but not as much?

There's one guy, let's call him Will, who was going to ask me out two months ago but he got together with his best friend and they somehow kissed. He wasn't sure if they were going out or not and he didn't tell me any of this at first, but his best friend wanted it so Will went out with her. He's grown to like her but now, two months later, he's apologizing to me, telling me what happened, and telling me how he really likes me too and always has. He suggested a polyamory, where he would be dating both this girlfriend and me at the same time. I really want him and love him, but I just don't believe that two steady relationships at the same time would work.

Will doesn't want to break it off with his girlfriend, partially because he's still happy with her, partially because he told me she would nasty stories about him and me if Will broke it off with her (especially if it was because of me). I think a lot of Will, and he's an amazing guy and would be a lot to lose, but I don't want a polyamory and he wants to stay with his girlfriend.

At the same time, there's another guy that likes me, let's call him Jeffery, and I like him back, I care for him a lot but not quite as much as Will. I really really don't want to break Jeffery's heart. I think it would be wiser to say no to Will and just be friends with Will, and go for Jeffery, whether I ask him out or he ask me, especially since a polyamory wouldn't work and Will's going off to college in a few months and I'm not. But it's hard for me to accept losing a great chance with Will, after the connection we made and he's like no one I know. And I don't think I should go for Jeffery until I get over Will.

Please give me any opinion or advice you have! Thanks in advance


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  • "And I don't think I should go for Jeffery until I get over Will. "

    I think that's the only mistake you're making. Everything else seems fine to me. Go for Jeff.


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  • I say go for Jeffery and I'm polyamory. He was dishonest. That has no place in polyamory.

  • I think you should go for Jeffery (: obviously if Will loved you as much as Jeffery does he'd break it off with his girlfriend but he didn't so that's his loss (y) maybe by spending more time with Jeffery and giving him a chance you might grow to like him even more ?

    Good luck and I hope I helped !