I like my best (girl) friend which I used to date 2 years ago. Please help!

Ok, here is the deal, I met this girl two years ago (she is now 24 and I am 29, so no teen/high school love story) and we were together (as "friends with benefits" to call it somehow) for a couple of months then she "broke up" with me saying that she had still feelings for her boyfriend. After that I acted as if nothing happened and to avoid the "award" situation. (We have common friends).

After one year of almost not seeing each other, we start hanging out again, as friends. Meeting in the dorm pub, or at the gym, or to watch a movie with some friends. We became really good friends. We trust each other and have lot of confidence, She even told me I was the best man she ever met since I acted truly as a friend even though she "broke up" with me and I was always there for her. (Her other boyfriends have been either a**holes or had make really shi**y things to her).

And from some time now, I started to like her again! We see each other pretty much everyday, at the gym, bar, we go shopping or for dinner. She is really pretty and gets all the attention from the guys, I consider myself also attractive and have my own share of attention from the girls, but ever time she either flirts with someone I get jealous.

I don't know if she is even looking for a boyfriend or not, and so far I know she has none, but when she goes with another guy I can't help but feel jealous and I turn very serious towards her.

Nevertheless, we flirt sometimes with each other but it stops at some point, she once told me it is sometimes very difficult for her to stay "as a friend". For me right now is very difficult.

What should I do? I was thinking to tell her the truth, that I feel jealous when she goes with another guy and I like her. Of course, I'm afraid of losing as a friend. Just want to take it out of me, I don't want to pressure her to anything, I just want her to know how I feel about her, that I like her and would take the chance for a relationship.


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  • Just ask yourself what is worse: losing her as a friend or losing her as a lover? If you can deal with her finding another guy and will be content with that then stay friends. But as you've stated you get jealous when she talks to other guys you will hate yourself more for not at least trying. Just remember, 'to risk nothing is to risk everything'.