My friend wants to know why I love him. What is going on?

At one point I did love my friend we went out for 2 days. He stated that his family don't like people my race and that he used me for sex. Also he disrespected me alot. I texted him two days ago that I love him. But I regret it because I met a guy who is not my boyfriend but treats me right and now I don't think about the other guy. Suddenly he starts texting me every night and morning wondering why I love him. He has a girlfriend. I did not respond and now he keeps bothering me about it. He text me 6 times. I don't know what to do. He told me he is racist and I assumed he hates me. Why is he bothering me if he don't like me? I do not love him and I have ignored his messages


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  • He found about the other guy and is now trying to reach out to you so he can get control back. He doesn't like you, he just wants to keep you around so he can get sex again if he wants. Tell him to f*** off

    • I don't want to message him. I feel like messaging him anything would show that I like him. I funny want to be like him. I feel that I am better than him. He is mean so I think that eventually he will get the hint and stop texting me. He text me so much I just feel better ignoring it

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