Should I meet the guy, or have I crossed some unknown line?

My friend is trying to set me up with her fiance's friend. The guy fb stalked me and was super excited to get to know me, and said when I'm in the area he wants to be first in line to meet me. We texted off and on for a while after that, but I began to be the only one initiating texts. Sometimes my texts would go unanswered. However he still occasionally likes something on my fb.

Should I keep texting?

Should I still plan on going down to meet him?


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  • No...I don't think you should anyways he doesn't seem all that interested and if he was he would be the one initiating texts and all that. I would stop textin him all together and see what happens


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  • I don't think it's a sign of disinterest. Maybe he is super excited and is feeling anxious and has no clue what to say to you. Such guys mess it up big time because they want to come off being so nice and all, but they do the exact opposite. If I were you, I would stop texting him but if he did I'd reply nicely. I'd also give him the benefit of the doubt meaning that I'd wait and see if he still wants to see me. If he didn't ask me out (when he arrives in your area) then he wasn't interested at all and was just messing around. If he did, then he is a nice guy who is just shy. :)

    • Haha thanks, that was the other thing I was thinking! Goodness, I guess only time will tell!

    • Yuppie :)