Guys, do you get mad when a girl doesn't text you back?

This guy was a jerk to me (went MIA for 2 really hurt me...if you really care about someone, you don't do that), then he came crawling back twice, then when I started texting/calling him, he disappeared again...then he came back. Anytime I would initiate a convo, he wouldn't reply. I texted him a few days ago saying I miss him. He didn't reply. Then he texted me last night with casual talk...I didn't text him back...then he texted me this morning "hey" and I didn't text him back...I feel bad, but at the same time I feel like he would just pull me in and then play games with me and hurt me again...what should I do? Do you think by me not texting him he even notices?


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  • It really pisses me off.

    • Even with my situation?

    • You're just perpetuating the situation. Just call him or meet up with him. Tell him how you really feel. You're going about this like a middle schooler.

  • I'm not sure what he's thinking but I don't consider phone texts to be real time chat. I never use it that way. But since this guy seems to have done it, he probably does but is just a flake or worse.


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