Help me out please I don't know if I should give up...

me and this guy that talked a year ago started talking again. It was non stop texting for 2 weeks and now nothing...What do I do I am crazy about him. I sent him a text yesterday and nothing. He told me I should have never left last year. And how bad he wants to cuddle and kiss me...I say it all back. What the hell happened! I don't think did anything wrong or is he just over it? I don't want to text him again because I don't want to come across needy or annoying...


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  • You don't know what happened for sure. I think you should text him, ask him what's going on and if he's okay. If he doesn't text back then leave it be. He may have lost or broken his phone, you never know.

    • He was on Facebook with his phone I know this because of when it says "mobile" I might text him today. I'm just worried I'm about to lose someone I really care about.

    • Yea see what's going on. If he doesn't respond again then walk away.

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