If this whole dating thing worth the disappointment?

I have been very disappointed with women this past year. It seems like all they ever want is money, favors, or someone to tease.

I'm so sick of the flakes, the brats, and the teases. It seems like none of them can appreciate a good man! Just tonight, a girl I have been seeing for the past two weeks introduces me to her "girlfriend." Turns out she's a lesbian that was just wanting to "experiment."

Why even bother? Is it worth all of this hearbreak?


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  • Yo man that is harsh, sorry to hear that. Keep trying, next time try and avoid money and favors ect. Keep extra simple for a while, like lunch date @ the park or visiting an art museum( well if that floats your boat)

    There are always gonna be women and men like that, it just takes time to find that right one, maybe change up whee you find women at and try something random like the mall ect

    Best of luck though, trust me there are real good girls out but I'm still looking myself

    • I agree. Just take things slow and you'll be able to spot the gold-diggin, bitches before it's too late.

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  • This is something men need to understand: how much money you spend on her and how much attention you shower her with has NOTHING to do with whether or not she will stay faithful to you long term.

    When I am talking to a guy I fall for things like

    - academic achievement

    - work ethic

    - ambition

    - shrewdness

    - class

    - intelligence

    - optimism

    - sense of humour

    - joy and ability to feel happy with small things

    - emotional simplicity

    - intellectual complexity

    - status

    - generosity

    - compassion

    - kindness

    - understanding

    - humility

    - devotion to parents

    - faithfulness to family and loyalty to friends

    - the ability to contain and control sexual impulse

    - the desire to be judged by their character and not their beauty

    - desirable physical features such as big eyes, defined and expressive eyebrows, or a glamorous and expressive face

    - a physically fit figure

    Girls love you for who you are, what you have in you and what you do as a person...

    They couldn't care less how much money you spend on them, so stop spending money on them

    • You didn't understand my question. I never said that I spent money on anyone. Just that most of the girls I have dated just want money and expensive stuff.

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    • Thought the answer was spot on. Girls are the same as guys - they want people for who they are. If a girl is generally mean, depressive and ugly, but cooks you a nice dinner, you don't suddenly find her hot. Its no different for women.

    • I agree. However there are a lot of shallow girls who really do mostly just care about how much they're spoiled. Not every girl is the same.

  • yea I love a guy give him everything and he doesn't want a relationship. its so sad how this works. we give someone our world and then they crush it...

    then I continue finding out people I've been with or had crushes on have relationships now.

    i just feel like a stepping stone...

    f*** my life dude. people are so f***ing cruel I'm sad.

    hopefully I get laid tomorrow at least :/

    • Same here...

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    • *takes swig of Jack Daniels*

    • exactly :(

  • Aw I'm sorry to hear that.. but listen, not all women are like that (especially not tha latter case).

    My guess is that you've been attracting the same type of girls or vice-versa. Trust me, there are A LOT of women who are not like that and have similar complaints. Just be yourself and don't let people walk all over you.

  • I think it's the American culture... Honestly.. We have some screws loose..

    • Amen to that. Why hide it? If that's all that matters out here, maybe I'll outsource and order a Russian bride. At least they have a warranty... I'm just kidding, but if the women I come across keep up this behavior, I might have no other choice.

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    • Ahaha lmao you sound like my bf/fwbs..it's complicated

    • He sounds like a good guy. I love America, but I can't stand the women here. Except for you. You're alright. ;)

  • Maybe you let yourself be their doormat? Kind of sounds like it. We don't respect 'nice guys' because we know they're just being agreeable to manipulate us into something, and they're insincere and chicken. Not saying you are one of these self-proclaimed 'nice guys'...but if you are, no one respects a whinger who thinks that girls owe him something.

    It does sound like you have a bit of an "it's not me, it's them" complex. Usually with a pattern like this, it's because it's to do with you.


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  • dont put so much into any of these random meeting..just play it cool keep it real let them know what you want outta it.if you can be satisfied go to the next one..putting to much in to early can turn into a dud blowing up in your face the only hurt you because they knoow its gonna hurt and even then if it don't the will try girls are nothing but a test put forth for man to learn more about himself..they will always be the same no matter where you go or how long you know them..keep your head up and keep trying your gaining experience everyday from it.men are use to rejection cause we all know women can't handle it.lol

  • just gotta keep fishing man. sooner or later the right one will come along and buy what your selling if you know what I mean. if you get frustrated just take a break reflect on yourself and what you want, relax be yourself and go out and keep trying.