What are the chances a guy like this would get with a girl like me?

He's a college graduate and very attractive a somewhat churchy guy. I'm kind of typical white trash type, I live in a house full of rowdy drunks I'm a single mom and ofcourse a high-school drop out. I'm not stupid but I am uneducated, but I do love to learn and plan to go to college. I want to go after him so badly but I'm such a loser and feel to low for him. Fml. Would a guy like That ever consider a girl like me? I want honest answers


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  • slim zero none not very likely, your dreaming and that is because you have no self confidence

    who is any one tell you who is to low or high for you, I know how you fell I am in love with the worlds number one girl, and I thought I was way out of my head to even dream of being with her. look dear asker you need to get your head up if you keep head down you only see dirt but look up and there is a sky full of wonder. if you do that and try your best then the chances of you and him jump up to 100% + 1000%, trust me bin there done that.

    education is so over rated in a relationship, sure you fell like OMG I won't know how to talk to him that does not matter all you to do is just pick your target and go after it we only live once, and don't ever judge your self that shows weakness. your a single mom it takes a lot of work to rise a kid if you could pull that one of you can easily get this guy.

  • Really depends on the guy, and of course you. Personally, status never held much weight with me. I'm rich yes, classy, soon-to-be college graduate, going to grad school, and have a well-planned life.

    - Don't care about your family.

    - Don't care about your education.

    - Don't care about if you're "stupid" or "uneducated."

    - I have a problem with the kid, since all women with children place their children first.

    So depends. If I like the kid, possibly.


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