Guy's - should I text?

I know there's probably a ton of questions asking the same thing but this situation is a bit different

the story: have been dating someone for a few months and really really like him, last Sunday we had sort of an awkward relationship ship talk and we both changed the subject and I happened to fall asleep and woke up seeing his text from the night before saying he was headed for bed. We had been texting everyday until then and now he hasn't texted me since. Should I text him? I want him to know that I'm not upset or something with him because I have no reason to be. But after the third day I. Am just waiting to see how long before he texts me ... should I bite my tongue and keep waiting or text him? And basically he was the last to text me.


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  • I would say wait one more day. If you don't hear from him then casually text him as tho you were checking up on him. Within the time that you guys text, make sure you talk to him about this. Avoiding issues, large or small, can still pack up in the shadows resulting in larger issues down the line, communication is key. It may have not been a fight between you two but just generally ask him if he's OK and that you thought he was upset about something you texted to him. If he blows it off then great, at least you did your part. You usually want to hit the problem on the head and make sure you talk about these types of issues especially when the result is a complete lack of communication due to a small texting issue.

  • "but this situation is a bit different"

    No it isn't.

    It's the same old, same old.

    Guy texts girl.

    Girl doesn't text him back.

    Girl places WAY too much emphasis on who should text who first, and all that bullsh*t.

    Girl also decides to *test* the guy, even though the guy doesn't know he's being tested.

    If you continue to test him, and wait, you may be waiting a long time. Perhaps as long as two weeks.

    Before that time runs out, you will most likely read all sorts of things into his silence. Not that he's waiting for you text first, no, you'll decide he's furious with you or something. That he doesn't want to hear from you. That's he's already broken up with you. Moved on. Dating someone else.

    If you don't want to test him, then yeah. Text him. And don't be such a flipping child in the future.


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