Are all these advancement in communication preventing us from actually communicating?

from actually communicating?

Are we quicker to text or email to speak/respond to people than we are to actually have face-to-face conversation?

Do you find it difficult to actually speak to someone? If so, how would you remedy the problem?


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  • I don't mind texting or email. I don't see most of my friends very often because of work schedules, etc...and then in the evening it seems like everyone is too busy to have an actual conversation. So I like texting. I go to lunch with some of my girlfriends once a month and then we can catch up on stuff.

    I can also text people that I rarely talk to and get updates without having to have a 1/2 conversation with them. So I can be watching a movie or walking the dogs and text.

    I personally like it.


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  • It is.

    I don't have that problem. But it drives me crazy when I can't talk to someone because all we do is text.

    I just want to have in-person conversations. I'd 10x more intuitive that way.

    How the hell do I tell you're sarcastic over text? Tell me that one!


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  • Haha I thought that only happens to me but yeah it gets in the way