Guys- kissing a girl?

Guys- what signs will you give a girl when you want to kiss her? Let's say has not happened yet but you want it to


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  • When a guy wants to kiss you, the signs are fairly simple to detect:

    (1) He will sort of lose himself looking into your eyes and when you ask him a question he either repeats whatever he said before his brain froze OR he'll go "What?" like he didn't hear you -- the sound of the blood rushing to his ears was too loud.

    (2) If he's staring at your mouth OR looking from your eyes to your mouth, he's telling you he wants your mouth.

    (3) If he is finding excuses to touch you, he's at least been thinking about kissing you.

    (4) If he has trouble looking at your face and keeps licking or touching his lips, he's been thinking of kissing him and it's practically killing him.

    If you're interested, give the guy a break and at least step a little closer. He'll smile OR look like a deer in the headlights. Wait for it. He's working up to "the moment"... If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch Will Smith coach the guy in "Hitch" ( link which gives a fairly accurate depiction of what some guys are going through. (It's played up a little for Hollywood, of course, but one of my guy friends told me he was "like the nerdy guy who has trouble getting the blonde"...)

    If you're not interested, either cover your mouth or turn your face away. Step back a few inches. Usually a guy instinctively gets the message.

  • he'll stare at your lips a lot

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