What can me and my boyfriend talk about?

My boyfriend and I just got back together after being broken up for a while. He calls or Skypes me every night but I run out of things to say so we just go quiet but he talks to his friend or accidentally falls asleep if we don't talk. It kind of gets awkward not talking. And when we hang out we don't say much either. Were both pretty young though, so any suggestions things we can talk about?


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  • My wife and I read a little book (really short) named "The Five Love Languages." It's a Christian book just in case you have deeply held feelings against ... but it has really good information. You both might have a love language of "Quality Time" which can easily be falling asleep on the sofa together watching a boring TV program like Bridzillas or the Super Bowl. You can probably find the little book free to borrow, a lot of people seem to know about it, or in the library. Don't neglect the secondary love language and keep your relationship "spiced up" with some activities with friends, maybe family (blow their minds) and other things you both like. Also spend time apart with friends. You should see each other from a distance relating to your friends. It's cool for a guy to see his baby having a good time as long as there isn't something going on that could create jealousy or mistrust like disappearing behind the bleachers with some guy.

    peace & love

    Love is another convesation.

    • My second offering: we all need to know when a conversation is done and we need to be able to bring it to a close. It might take practice. When you feel that there is not much more to say or the conversation has become stagnant, don't let it go dead. Say something like, you need to go or ask if he will IM later and let the visit end in a comfortable way rather than silence or death.

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  • nope. I wish I could help you. I have been in multiple long distance things though so I defintiely know the plight of running out of things to say. But if you see each other in person and still don't have things to talk about then why did you get back together?! That doesn't make sense. Find someone that you have similar interests with and that you can talk about stuff with. What do you like about this guy?

    • because we like each other a lot and we have a lot of things in common he just make me feel shy and nothing comes to minds

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    • none of your buisness

    • Ouch. I mean I was asking because that would determine things you could talk about. The things a 17 year old may talk about (Politics, Philosophy, Dreams, Work, People) are different from what a 14 year old would talk about (pop-culture, class, rants, internet things)

  • man that dude has no game.

    • true dat. what a shame. lol relationships.

    • all he has to do is listen and the conversation doesn't die. Listen + ask. To hard apparently. Probably stuck in his head thinking on how to get in her pants over Skype LOL

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