Playing games... or something else?

I'm confused...So if you're dating someone and it's going well, nothing too serious yet, then suddenly communication breaks down a bit- you don't talk as much. So a short period of time goes by without hearing anything and then suddenly you're interesting again and that person decides to What's going on here? I can understand people are busy, etc. but I think if you like someone it doesn't really matter. Thoughts?


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  • I assume you're talking about a woman, but if no, I apologize for the feminine pronouns! Nonetheless, the same advice applies.

    If this break in communication only happens once or twice then she is probably doing one of two things: taking time to assess her own feelings and interest in you, or she's testing your interest in her. Either way, give it a couple of days and then check in casually. It'll be pretty obvious what the motive was.

    If however, this happens a lot in a relative short time (say a few weeks)...time to let it go. You're being used as a filler until a "better" option presents himself (...I know, who could possibly be better than you, right?) Exactly, no don't allow yourself to be treated like a door mat.

    Best of Luck!


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  • TOTALLY GAMES. if everythings going good, why eff it up?

    thought: my time is valuable, and if your feelings aren't mutual, then bye.

  • What do you mean by "games?"

    • Head games... specifically let's say you're interested but only when it's convenient for you.

    • If she's acting interested only when it's convenient for her, then I would say move on but there's not much background here

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