I can't get away from her, what is up?

Log story short. Girl took my virginity and then kind of pushed me away because I actually liked her (gasp!) Pretty much every time I have been talking to girls since, whether online or in real life, she pops up. Twice now I have been talking to girls on dating sites and then her picture pops up. Totally random. Then I was talking to some girls I met and SHE messages me on Facebook.

Then this week, Wednesday and Thursday I had dreams where she popped in them. Then last night, she texts me. What is the deal? This is such a strange coincidence.


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  • Sounds a little stalker-ish to me!

    • Oh no lol. My bad. Like what I mean is if I was on a dating site I would be talking to a girl and HER pic would just show up on the lists out of no where. Just really weird coincidences.

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